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The Right Dharma Teacher From A To Z
(Unknows source, sent by one of the student of Golden Mother. )

Dearest My Beloved Teacher,

Many thanks for your teaching and caring.
I found this on the internet, but I saw this on yours.
You are my dearest Teacher, who :

(A)ccepts me as I am.
(B)esides me when I need support.
(C)alls me when I need your help.
(D)oesn't give up on me.
(E)nvisions the whole of me.

(F)orgives my mistakes.
(G)uides me in the spiritual life.
(H)elps me and others beings.
(I)nvites me over for the teachings.
(J)ust 'be' with me

(K)eeps me close at heart
(L)oves me for who I am
(M)akes a difference in my life
(N)ever reject my offering
(O)ffers support

(P)rotects me
(Q)uiets my fears
(R)aises my spiritual life
(S)ays the True things about me
(T)eaches me the Dharma

(U)nderstands me
(V)alues me
(W)ishes me Happiness
(X)-plains the Dharma when I don't understand
(Y)ells when I won't listen, and
(Z)aps me back to the Truth.

That's all, I can't say anything else.

Always In Dharma.
     Love : Bee

Namo Uci Yauw Ce Cin Mu Ta Thien Cun


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Hua Lien, TAIWAN.

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